Wine Festival Committee

The 2014 San Antonio Wine Festival Committee consists of people from all parts of our community.

Some members are seasoned, and have been advocating Wine Festival events for years. Others are new, bringing fresh perspectives to the fun. Hard work from all makes the Wine Festival such a success.

2013 San Antonio Wine Festival Committee

Co-Chairs:   Joanna Weidman and Marian Suarez

Tracy Avery
Mary Briscoe-Cushman
Curt Brockman
Mike Castillo
Michael Clark
Lee Cusenbary
Karen Embree
Mike Embree
Dawn Green
Irene Hahn

Roberto & Lourdes Espinosa
Dan & Soonalyn Jacob
Elvira Jacquez
Tracey Krause
Olga Kucerak
Frank & Nancy Kudla
Angela McClendon Johnson
Sarah McLornan
Jeff Miller
Jim & Linda Montgomery
Gloria Morales

Donna Muslin
Enzo Pellegrino
Gary Penny & Debbie Strus
James & Barbara Potyka
Kim Rash
Chuck & Leigh Smith
Pam Thibodeaux
Liz Tullis
Jen Tyson
Lisa Willbanks